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  • Complementary therapy Stabio
Complementary therapy Stabio

Complementary therapy

Complementary therapy is a combination of various body-centred therapies that are complementary to conventional medicine.

Complementary therapists holistically promote the healing process of people who suffer from illness, a reduced level of well-being and performance, after medical interventions or who are undergoing rehabilitation.

Complementary therapy and Ayurveda therapy do not replace conventional medicine and can be applied in parallel with or following such treatments. Ayurvedic and complementary therapy can be used in cases of:

Complementary therapy sees recovery as a process that depends on individual factors and involves the interaction of body, soul and spirit. Complementary therapy is method-, body- and process-centred and interactive. The aims are to strengthen self-regulation, promote self-awareness and reinforce healing competence.

In September 2015, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) approved the examination regulations for the Higher Professional Examination for Complementary Therapists. As of 9 September 2015, practitioners of a complementary therapy method (CPT) can obtain a federal diploma through the Advanced Federal Diploma examination.