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  • Meditation Stabio and Mendrisio
Meditation Stabio and Mendrisio

Calm and harmony arising in us

Private and group lessons to learn this ancient art and draw on the ocean of awareness and endless possibilities.

To meditate is to learn to stop the thoughts and enjoy the present, to be nourished by the beauty and wonders of life that lie in us and around us: the scent of flowers, the warmth of the sun, the fragrance of freshly cut grass. Through meditation and conscious breathing our thoughts rest on the pillow of our breath making us enjoy the calm and harmony that arise in us.

Private lesson: 60 mins Fr. 100.-


Yoga Stabio

In Ayurveda, yoga is seen as physiotherapy and helps to keep us agile and prevent problems with the musculoskeletal system well into old age. The true purpose of yoga is to unite body and soul and is a philosophy of life with roots in ancient India.

Yoga is a set of practices, studies, theories and teachings that aim to help us be happy and live better, with greater awareness, strength of mind, physical and emotional well-being.

Yoga ranges from the practice of postures (asanas) to the pursuit of a healthy and conscious lifestyle. It is a path to evolution, helping us to feel good and in harmony with ourselves and our lives.

Physical benefits of yoga:

Group lessons: monday 17.45-19.00.

Cost: Fr. 30.- per lesson.