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  • Food and diet advice in Mendrisio area
Food and diet advice in Mendrisio area

We are what we eat and we can digest

With all the diets that exist today it could be very difficult to get oriented. My holistic nutrition approach is based on the basics of modern diet, but takes into account the millennial knowledge of Ayurvedic nutrition. According to Ayurveda we are in fact what we eat and we can digest.

The purpose of a healthy nutrition path is to learn to eat consciously, enjoy food without counting proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Learning to make healthy choices taking into account the quality of the food we eat and its effects on both our body and mind. Food can have a healing effect or act as a poison to our body.

Each of us is different and so is my approach, taking into account the preferences of the person and his constitution. For me it is important that eating remains a source of pleasure. I respect your eating habits as much as possible and we develop your eating plan together so that it is workable for you. You will learn to make healthy choices and gain health, energy and a youthful appearance.

A course in holistic nutrition can be useful in case of:

difficulty achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, heartburn, physical fatigue, bloating, constipation, hyperacidity, acne, psoriasis, food intolerances, pain in the locomotor system, eating disorders.

Differentiated programs

Conscious nutrition

Conscious nutrition

Based on your constitution, definition of a healthy diet and lifestyle to activate better digestion and metabolism, in order to promote health, well-being and longevity. Learn to act on cognitive-behavioral mechanisms to create a healthy relationship with food.

Shape and weight maintenance

Shape and weight maintenance

Acquire a new way of eating, learn to take care of yourself and your body, eat and live consciously to strengthen your energy, increase your self-esteem and feel in harmony with both yourself and the surrounding world. Discover new resources, stimulate new perspectives and ways of acting.

Detox and rejuvenation

Detox and rejuvenation

Path aimed at all those who wish to increase energy, vitality and vigor. It helps eliminate swelling, abdominal pain, water retention and heaviness after meals. It is advisable to run a detox program twice a year. Coincidental effect is the loss of a few pounds.

Food programs for children, sportsmen and vegetarians can also be arranged.

Dietary advice

I will take into account your personal constitution, current diet, lifestyle, environment, mental and emotional state, existing medical conditions and genetic factors.

Taking a holistic view allows me to understand your unique needs so that I can restore the body's natural balance, prevent illness and look and feel phenomenal.

First consultation with a constitution analysis, tongue and pulse analysis, definition of the goals you want to achieve and an individual diet plan based on your constitution, recipes and activation of the digestive fire. In subsequent consultations, bioenergetic testing of food intolerances and accompaniment with vital substances.

75 min: Fr. 150.-

Follow-up consultations: 55 min Fr. 110.-

Health coaching via Skype

Shouldn't you have the chance to come regularly to me, we can work together comfortably via Skype/Zoom to achieve your goals both in terms of health, lifestyle and visions.


In order to allow proper planning, the sessions must be canceled with a minimum of 24 hours in advance, otherwise the full amount will be invoiced.